It was a pleasure to create a personalized mural for the People & Culture offices of Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, CA.
The client wanted to bring a sense of welcome and caring to their space. I wanted to honor what made the hotel feel special, and bring in a sense of lively invitation. We went through several design directions before landing on this one, which was my favorite as well. 
Above are mockups I created for the client for final approval using Procreate and Photoshop. I included a mockup with and without furniture. The mural was design to fit around the couch, but I wanted to paint it all the way through in case they ever rearranged. The text was professionally installed on as a vinyl decal. 
I added some additional mini elements around the room to create a fun, immersive feel:
The main materials I used were Behr Premium Ultra housepaint and Purdy stiff angled brushes, both available from the Home Depot. I've written up my full painting process in a post under "Blogs."
I was happy with how the final mural turned out, and even happier to hear that everyone in the office loved how it turned out. It really brought new life into the space.
A very warm thanks to Hotel Bel Air (especially Tiffany and Eugenia) for the amazing hospitality.  The hotel really goes above and beyond. A dream client to work with.
Stairway to offices
Handwritten welcome note in my room <3
A wonderful stay
Thank you!

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